400 capital

Capitalizing on values

We worked with 400 Capital Management, a venture capital firm with headquarters in New York City, to examine its business and team, uncover the company’s unique DNA, and articulate its compelling story to potential partners, investors and industry colleagues.



Sharpen focus and cultivate potential.

Our objective in the Strategy process was to identify what makes 400 CM distinct within its industry — from its founding to its current philosophy and approach to business — and showcase the company in a new corporate presentation and website.



A 360-degree perspective.

Our in-depth stakeholder interviews revealed a series of shared values, beginning with transparency and trust. Our insights informed key messaging about how the company focuses on innovation, teamwork, longevity and performance – and gave us a clear understanding of the business’s infrastructure, which has been built to leverage a variety of strengths and future opportunities.



Strong investments built on strong values.

We incorporated 400 CM’s brand DNA and unique company attributes into a compelling presentation deck for clients and investors. Throughout the deck, we redesigned comprehensive charts and infographics to more clearly present key financials and market cycles; and sourced compelling photographs to support the brand story. The design and color palette were created to reflect the power and endurance of the investments being presented.