Sara Sargent

Sara began her career in journalism and still holds deep respect for the values of integrity and truth. She believes in the power of pure, original thinking, and has a fierce passion for proper grammar — as, in her opinion, any proper writer should.

For years, Sara held influential roles in the news industry —both broadcast and print — and she leverages those editorial roots in her work for Case Study, adding vivid color and unparalleled detail to both her words and her research. Contemporary copywriting means that no form of media goes unturned, and she exceeds expectations with her compelling and aesthetic solutions.

To truly grasp the future, you need to watch it unfold: when away from her desk, you can find her gaining new perspectives through travel and experimenting with new recipes. As the mother of a toddler, her sleep is precious and her days are sweet — she finds inspiration in her busy life and in the beauty of good wine. 

Sara has been a part of the Case Study team since 2017 and loves every opportunity to work with bridge-builders and world-shapers.