Perfect provenance

Perfectly poised

CSB was presented with the opportunity to brand a new luxury retail concept. Perfect Provenance finds, curates and exhibits artisan products from around the world. They needed a brand identity that could be both subtle and sophisticated to reflect the store’s refined elegance.



Cultivate a brand identity as luxurious as the brand experience.

The brand identity we created reflects the nature of the Perfect Provenance experience. The  logo mark was designed to simply and elegantly stand on its own as artwork itself and is a key element in the interior design.



Motivated by beauty.

The store features multiple exhibitions each year inspired by world culture, art and designs. The exhibitions inspire the entire retail experience, which includes: art, books, fashion, home, food, accessories, beauty, and music. This is a company motivated by global beauty and gorgeous quality, and the brand needed to be equally enduring.



The perfect artisanal experience.

It was important to let the logo sit back a bit and let the tangible displays — defined by artisan culture and offering an ever-changing customer experience — take center stage. We also developed packaging for their private-label collection of candles, which became so highly-coveted that the line captured media attention, appearing on Oprah’s O list, August 2016.