green & tonic

Bringing more to the table

Our task was to introduce Green & Tonic to a new audience of potential investors. Our work included an in-depth exploration of the brand, a strategy, a logo refresh, and an investor presentation.



Elevate casual dining from transaction to experience.

Our work with Green & Tonic allowed us to experience one of our favorite local brands on an entirely new level, and gave us the opportunity to articulate their promise of making clean-eating delicious, convenient, and fun.



A crave-able solution.

Through an extensive series of interviews, we examined the landscape of food options, G&T’s consumer profile (regular customers and super-fans), the core concepts behind G&T, the key to its brand experience, and the opportunity for the business’s growth. We shared our insights through a comprehensive Brand DNA presentation, and directed a photo shoot designed to authentically portray the team, the products and the retail environment.



Feeding a healthy lifestyle.

Through our strategy process, we provided guidance and clarity for the development of Green & Tonic’s brand story. Our investor presentation combined insights, beautiful photography, and a vibrant, compelling design to give potential investors a true Green & Tonic experience.