impact fairfield county

Making an impact

We helped launch Impact Fairfield County with a brand identity and website designed to reflect and support the organization’s powerful mission of providing large transformational grants to local non-profits. The logo mark and messaging were designed to reflect the exponential opportunity Impact provides women to engage in philanthropy on a collective level than they can as individuals.



Engage on a deeper level.

Our opportunity to introduce Impact Fairfield County allowed us to develop a brand identity and website that would resonate with and engage philanthropic local women and the non-profit organizations aiming to improve lives in the underserved communities in Fairfield County. 

Through an in-depth discovery exercise, we immersed ourselves into the national Impact organization to understand and uncover the intention of the movement.



The exponential power of giving.

This central, powerful message is infused throughout our Impact brand messaging. Every aspect of our work was designed to convey the connectivity and opportunity for exponential growth for women joining this collective giving circle.