Research foundation CUNY

An institutional overhaul

We had the opportunity, through a website redesign project, to rebrand and change perception of this major institution that oversees all funding and financial management for the world-changing grant research being conducted across all City University of New York (CUNY) campuses.



Redesign a website; reintroduce an organization.

Our initial work on the website project revealed another, greater project within. We embarked on a strategy process intended to inform the development of a new website. Our work uncovered a critical need to go beyond basic website design and functionality, into our client’s organization. Our discovery process provided us with the unique opportunity to address long-standing internal and external perceptions of the organization, website usage, and highlighted the value of the work being done by the CUNY research community at large.



Helping people change the world.

We conducted over 60 interviews with key internal and external stakeholders. Our extensive process gave us in-depth knowledge of how RF CUNY employees and leaders from the CUNY campuses view the organization. We were able to uncover and articulate the multiple user journeys that were required for a seamless user experience. This insight and subsequent communication enabled our development of an updated logo and dynamic new website.



Expert support for change makers.

We worked carefully to ensure that RF CUNY’s new communications (visual & messaging) reflect their mission, brand DNA and the value of the organization. Through the messaging we developed, we introduced the institution’s position as a key resource for the CUNY research community — supporting projects that will change the world through medicine, education, technology, and the environment.