jump design group

Balancing heritage, design and technology

We worked closely with Jump Design Group to transform a basic 'brochure' website into a targeted and effective business-to-business tool that showcases Jump’s unique design and production capabilities within the fashion industry.



Evolve heritage and market equity into relevant and resourceful partnership.

Our task to create a new Jump Design Group website required a new approach to presenting the company. We focused on Jump’s fashion heritage, on-trend design and modern capabilities to message their unique opportunity and position in the American fashion market.

devices_mockup_2 white.jpg


Fast fashion made in America.

As we interviewed key internal and external stakeholders, we learned how Jump has infused its traditional approach to design and production (and its inherent quality), with state-of-the-art production capabilities. We created new messaging and design that reflected this evolution and would resonate with current and prospective retail customers.



Runway to retail in record time.

A key component of our work was original photography. Our approach was 'a look behind the scenes' to provide a compelling perspective on what Jump brings to the fast fashion table — everything from pattern making to the their modern showroom. Our messaging and design were intended to shine a spotlight on the intricate, old-school details that play a critical role in delivering modern, on-trend design, and the state-of-the-art production capabilities that allow for lightning-speed results. The website we created spoke directly to the retail community, reinforcing Jump’s heritage and expertise in the market, offering a clear view of the company’s unique fast-fashion capabilities and promoting the benefits of a partnership with Jump.