naked brand group

Form meets function

Our comprehensive creative work for Naked — brand identity, e-commerce website, product packaging, and customer communications — is inspired by their founding premise: to create a new standard for how innerwear feels and functions. Like wearing nothing at all.

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Transform a men’s underwear company into a global lifestyle brand.

When we began our work with Naked in 2014, the company was poised for rapid growth. The evolution of this brand required an intimate understanding of both the brand’s inherent DNA and the Naked consumer. Through our in-depth strategy process, we delved into the founder’s values, business goals, designer’s intention, fabrics, styles, consumer purchase patterns and retail opportunities. From this process, we garnered a clear picture of what makes Naked unique within the innerwear category, and where Naked’s opportunity lies in the fashion/retail arena.



Naked is obsessively designed.

Every piece in Naked’s collection is designed with meticulous attention to detail. So, too, is every aspect of our work for this brand. Our photography, website design, packaging and other creative assets — even the logo itself — reflect the key characteristics of the brand: clean, modern, sophisticated, luxury. And all of our Naked brand messaging speaks to a customer who values these brand traits.



The freedom to be you.

Wearing Naked feels like wearing nothing at all; allowing you to shed those outer layers and be your most authentic, unencumbered self. Our tagline for Naked speaks to its core DNA and is used as the measure for all of the work we create for this brand.