greenwich town party

A unified message

The Greenwich Town Party unites a large and diverse town with an all-day event that celebrates the strength of our community —  featuring artists such as Eric Clapton, James Taylor, and Paul Simon. GTP initially hired CSB in 2014 to do a complete rebranding exercise, including a new logo, messaging, website and marketing efforts. We remain the sole creative agency managing all aspects of the event, marketing and communications.



Redesign an event to embody its mission of uniting a community.

Our work on GTP is comprehensive. We designed a brand identity that represents the core values of the event — come together, participate, celebrate, community. The GTP logo has become a symbol of town pride — proudly displayed on vehicles, refrigerators, school lockers, etc. Our work includes all event communications including website design and management, ticket sales, social media, print & digital advertising, on-site signage, live auction, online auction, photography, creative assets, promotional materials and PR/communications.



Come together, celebrate, and experience the strength of community.

Through the rebranding, we heightened awareness and effectively communicated the Greenwich Town Party's mission throughout the Greenwich community. Every aspect of our work supports the core pillars of the GTP, and has helped develop the event into a community celebration for 8,000 people that sells out annually.