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A Dog Care Revolution


Happy Dog. Healthy Dog. Join the Club.

Scenthound is a dog care concept focused on routine maintenance and wellness. The company came to us looking for guidance and clarity for the development of a seamless and integrated story across all Scenthound-branded communications.

We established a brand identity by developing a logo, as well as a look and feel for the three Scenthound retail locations. We created a roadmap for the company’s brand and messaging architecture and established foundational media support for its planned 2017 expansion.

Scenthound Storefront Signage
Scenthound Dog Care
Scenthound Store Menu
Scenthound Website
Scenthound Did You Know?

We created a "Did You Know" campaign designed to generate awareness and educate dog parents within the community

Scenthound Did You Know Campaign Poster 1Scenthound Did You Know Campaign Poster 2Scenthound Did You Know Campaign Poster 3
Scenthound Marketing

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