New beauty & wellness

Redefining an experience

With New Beauty & Wellness, we had the opportunity to introduce a new state-of-the-art luxury spa to an affluent Connecticut community. We provided guidance and clarity for the business, and created branding that simultaneously reflects the company’s core philosophies and the client experience.



Balancing beauty and science.

We immersed ourselves in NB&W to truly understand the intentions for the business, the unique talents of the staff, and the curated treatments and services offered. Our efforts were a key initial step in our work to distinguish this new luxury business in a saturated landscape.



An integrated plan.

Our engagement in the strategy process yielded key insights that led to a complete rebranding. We uncovered and articulated core values which apply to both the staff and the services they offer; and we infused these values in every aspect of our work. In addition to a new brand identity and new website, our work included a naming exercise, original photography, interior design, exterior signage, asset creation, email marketing, a brand ambassador program, event support and media outreach.



A curated combination of art, science and alchemy.

Just as NB&W curates a beauty and wellness experience that is customized to each client, we developed a brand experience that uniquely reflects the core DNA of both the spa and its team … and serves as an engaging invitation to connect and transform.