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Perfect Provenance

Perfectly Poised


Bringing a new concept to life

Case Study Brands was tasked with creating a visual identity for a new concept in luxury retail called Perfect Provenance. The charming store combines art and culture with retail shopping and café eating, along with a running exhibition theme which changes seasonally.

The concept is defined by an artisan culture and offers an ever-changing customer experience, so It was important to let the logo sit back a bit and let the items on display take center stage. Case Study Brands created a brand identity that is subtle and sophisticated to reflect the store’s refined elegance.

Packaging a line of private labeled candles was also part of the project. The candles quickly became a top-seller at the store … so highly coveted that it captured media attention, appearing on Oprah’s O List, August 2016.

Perfect Provenance Branded Entryway
Perfect Provenance Branded Hanger
Perfect Provenance Branded Outdoor Sign
Perfect Provenance Stickers
Perfect Provenance Candle Featured In O
Perfect Provenance Table Setup
Perfect Provenance Candle Featured In O

The Smile More Collection

The Perfect Provenance Smile More Collection is dedicated to helping children around the world smile. CSB was commissioned to design a “Smile More” logo to be used in jewelry and apparel design. 20% of the profit of each Smile More Collection product goes to the charity Operation Smile.

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